Spring JavaScriptEscape insufficiently escapes some characters

JavaScriptUtils.javaScriptEscape() currently does not escape all characters that are sensitive within either a JS single quoted string, JS double quoted string, or HTML script data context. ECMAScript 5.1 ECMA 262 defines a line terminator as either U+000A (LF), U+000D (CR), U+2028 (PS), or U+2029 (LS). Line terminators are disallowed in either string context. Their inclusion ought to result in a parse error if inserted without escaping. The javaScriptEscape() method currently escapes U+000A and removes U+000D.

HTML 5's Tokenizer defines different states that can occur within a <script> tag. If the value <!-- is inserted, the tokenizer will be at the Script data escaped dash dash state. From here, one can insert <script> and be at the Script data double escaped state. These states are respected by HTML 5 capable browser. If the state is changed without closing the state, a parse error ought to occur.

The escaper should be updated to Unicode escape PS, LS, <, and > characters. This should prevent parse errors in most applications and potential security side effects in some applications (e.g. disabling of frame breaking JavaScript).

The bug can be seen on Spring's JIRA

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