Looking for a summer intern!

Posted by Romain, Comments

Alright, this is a bit of a different post. Summer approaches, and we are looking for an intern.

If you're interested in security and program analysis, and have a good background in one of the two fields, then please reach out to us (I believe you can send DM on this blog, but otherwise, you can contact me at rgaucher@coverity.com).

We have several ideas that could be developed based on the skills of the individual:

  • Pushing the limits of our dynamic whitebox sanitization fuzzer
  • Improvement of generation and placement of remediation advices
  • Identifying string constraints on tainted input for some set of sinks
  • Etc.

Also, if you have a cool idea (related to program analysis & security obviously) that you'd want to work on for a couple of months, we're happy to hear it.